Timing Belt Replacement 

What is a timing belt?
The timing belt is a rubber belt that guides the camshaft and crankshaft to operate in exact synchronization to allow you engine to run. You camshaft operates valves within your engine to let air and gas in and out while the crankshaft moves the pistons up and down. The timing belt ensures these components turn at the correct rate.

Do all vehicles have timing belts?
While many vehicles are equipped with rubber timing belts, some vehicles utilize a metal chain referred to as a timing chain. Chains are not replaced as a maintenance item but the manufacturer recommends timing belts to be replaced.

How often should my timing belt be replaced?
Replacement intervals differ between vehicle makes and models. In most cases the manufacturer will give a recommended mileage interval as well as a recommended time interval. Because these belts are rubber and can dry out and crack from age, even a low mileage vehicle may need their timing belt replaced. Give us a call and we can look up your manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

How do I know when my timing belt is ready to be replaced & what happens if my belt breaks?
Timing belts are not easily accessible to visually monitor the belt wear. In very rare instances a belt may begin to slip and misfires may occur. However, usually the failure is a sudden event without any warning sign. When a failure occurs, your vehicle will immediately stop or lose significant power. In some cases, serious engine damage may occur. For these reasons, following manufacturer recommend intervals for timing belt replacement is integral to engine longevity.

Why choose Morrison Tire?
At Morrison Tire, we can monitor the mileage and age of your vehicle in conjunction with the factory recommended interval for your timing belt replacement. Our factory trained ASE technicians have the experience replacing your timing belt and other components that aid in timing belt longevity. Furthermore, they have the ability to diagnose your belt failure and if any other damage exists. Give us a call today for more information on the specifics of your vehicle’s timing belt.

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