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AIR Conditioning & Heating Service in Garden Grove

In a hot southern California climate, proper functioning A/C can make the difference between a miserable driving experience and a comfortable one! Our ASE Certified technicians are equipped to handle a range of Air Conditioning systems to keep your system blowing cold.

What is an A/C Service?

The service includes:

  • Temperature readings of your system relative to ambient (outside) temperatures
  • Visually inspecting belt and hose components
  • Electronically testing for system leaks
  • Evacuating and recharging your system to proper refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting the temperature readings after charging your system
  • Inspecting the power to which air is blowing from your vents

How often should my A/C be serviced?
If your system blows cool or warm air, we recommend an A/C service for a thorough inspection.

I think I have an A/C leak. Can my system just be topped off? Refrigerant can damage to ozone layer. For that reason, the EPA has mandated that A/C systems leaking should not be “topped off”. In modern vehicle systems, if your system has a leak and refrigerant level drops enough, your A/C system will shut down to prevent damage to the vehicle’s A/C compressor.

My system blows has no (or very little) air flow. Do I need an A/C Service? A system that blows very little or no air can be the cause of electrical failure, part failure, or other vehicle components either blocking air flow. In these instances, Morrison Tire has the technical ability to diagnose and restore proper air flow. After restoring air flow, our trained ASE technicians can take temperature readings from your vents to see if a A/C service is recommended.

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