What to Do When Your Engine Overheats

Car engines can overheat for a myriad of reasons. They generally do so because there is an issue with the cooling system, and heat cannot escape the engine. You should address an overheating engine immediately. The following are things you can do when your engine overheats:

Switch Off The Engine

The first thing you should consider doing when your engine overheats is turning it off. Pull over and switch off the engine. Allow the engine to cool for about fifteen minutes.

If you can, call roadside assistance and get a tow. The best solution is to get the car to a mechanic so they can find the source of the problem. Otherwise, drive to a repair shop after the engine cools.

Turn On The Heater

Though it sounds paradoxical, turning on the heater can help an overheating engine. It will draw the heat into the inside of your vehicle and away from the engine.

Turning on the heater may work in various circumstances. If the engine warning light goes off or the temperature gauge returns to cold, it will have worked.

Add Coolant

If your engine is overheating, you should wait fifteen to thirty minutes before opening the hood. An overheating engine means coolant fluids and parts are at hundreds of degrees which is extremely dangerous.

Wait until the hood is cool enough to touch. Gently and carefully open the hood to see what is going on. Cover the radiator cap with a towel and open it slowly to release the pressure buildup in the radiator.

Open the cap and add coolant until it is full. Also, add the coolant to the plastic overflow reservoir to the side of the radiator.

Always be careful when dealing with an overheating engine. Don't hesitate to give Morrison Tire Inc. a call today for engine repair.


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