5 Habits For A Longer-Lasting Car

It takes more than just setting up a yearly maintenance appointment to keep your car running at its best. You must perform some DIY car maintenance on your own if you want to identify small problems early and fix them before they grow into larger issues.

In this article, we've rounded up seven of our maintenance tips, which you can do on your own. Take a read, and keep them in mind if you want a longer-lasting vehicle.

#1. Clean Interior

Let's start with something simple. Maintaining cleanliness in your vehicle won't only make it look better but also extend its use. Spilled liquids, forgotten snacks, and other debris can damage your car. If it is neglected, it can build up very fast and lead to problems. We advise you to have it detailed every once in a while.

#2. Cold Starting

One of the worst things you can do during cold weather is starting your can and immediately driving it. Engines need to get to curtain temperatures to function efficiently without any damage. This especially applies in cold weather. Before you leave with your car, start it 10-15 minutes before that - ensuring that the engine temperature will start to rise.

#3. Exterior And Wheel Cleaning

Your car's interior as well as exterior need cleaning. We recommend giving the exterior a clean every week if possible. But why, you might ask? That is because of the brake and suspension systems - debris can build up over time and cause issues like unresponsiveness, slow activation, clogging, pipe punctures, and more. Some detailing companies even offer packages for exterior and wheel cleaning - we advise you to take advantage and give them a clean.

#4. Regular Maintenance Visits

Maintenance visits should be scheduled depending on your car's needs, your everyday life, and a couple of other factors. Leaving little problems like a slight sound from the engine bay can lead to much bigger ones. You can see recommended intervals for maintenance visits in your car's owner's manual.

#5. Drive Safely

Last on the list, but not in importance, is driving safely. Things like putting your seatbelt on or keeping your eyes on the road at all times should be done by everyone on the road. Furthermore, driving carefully makes you aware of what's ahead of you, with what speed to drive, and what to avoid. 

These are just some of the tips and habits you can adopt for a better-maintained car. If you require car maintenance or repairs soon, please do not hesitate to call or stop by Morrison Tire Inc. 

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